Vacker park i Urshult nära kyrkan -- Sverigeleden möter Banvallsledens anslutning mot Tingsryd.

Cycle Tourist Routes in the vicinity

The station at Hovmansbygd with ongoing restoration work by the Karlshamn-Vislanda Railway Society.   SCS

The Embankment Cycle Way (ECW) holds together the route along the Halmstad-Bolmen railway and the Vislanda railway (Karlshamn-Vislanda-Bolmen). There are several other cycle tourist routes in the vicinity, some here and there on railway embankments running parallel to ECW.

To the west around Halmstad you can find Hylteslingan. From the centre of Alvesta you can join Sverigeleden (the Sweden Trail), and a little further south are Kronobergstrampen and Åsnen Runt. Hylteslingan has a long stretch along the embankment from Halmstad, and Sverigeleden shares sign-posts with ECW between Alvesta and Torne as well as between Hovmansbygd and Svängsta. Maps of several of these trails can be ordered from SCS.