Vacker park i Urshult nära kyrkan -- Sverigeleden möter Banvallsledens anslutning mot Tingsryd.

Published railway history

Trains and steam engine on the formerly
narrow-gauge railway.

Halmstad–Vislanda–Karlshamn’s Railway is deeply rooted in this area. It arouses tremendous interest, and many are willing to get involved voluntarily. The latest evidence of this is a study circle within ABF in Ljungby, which resulted in a travelling exhibition, a book ”A Journey on the Track from Karlshamn to Halmstad” (256 pages, approx. 170 krona), and a video (60 minutes, approx. 200 krona). The theme is te story around, and the history behind, the railway. If you are interested please contact Bengt Friberg, 0454-176 03.