Den väl bevarade järnvägsbron nära Piksborg vid sjön Bolmens södra ände.

The Railway Embankment Cycle Way

Beautiful stretch of the Embankment Cycle Way alongside lake Åsnen.

The parts of the embankment currently used for the cycle tourist route are of varying quality. The surface is asphalt from Halmstad up to Simlångsdalen and from Karlshamn up to Svängsta. The rest of the embankment consists of a gravel-coated, sometimes treated, surface that is hard and good, although a little rough on some shorter stretches. It is quite a good ride between Ryaberg and Bygget, but here horses keep to one side whilst cyclists and people should keep to the other.

The growing power of the foliage is enormous, and the growing season this far south is long. Grass can appear in the middle of some parts of the embankment where there is less traffic. The trees can also grow in from the sides. The municipalities keep the vegetation in check fairly regularly, and they usually improve the surface when necessary. This usually happens once a year, but can vary.

The supporting capacity of the bridges and their structures is regularly checked. Here, however, it is a question of solid constructions that will probably stand for hundreds of years yet. Finally, the stations are mostly in private hands, either as permanent residences or summerhouses. These residents make their own decisions, but a vision for the future is to create a ”200 km long railway museum”.

Some road traffic can appear on the embankment occasionally, partly because we haven’t yet closed off all sections, and partly because some landowners have right of access. Forestry companies and service vehicles must also be able to gain access. The embankment project requires the kind co-operation of these landow­ners. Please remember this as you travel in this terrain. Of course you mustn’t leave litter, light fires in unsuitable places, make a noise, or chop down trees. Allemansrätten (the Right of Common Access) applies everywhere except for private gardens and within nature reserves.